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You need to sign up for an account to begin shopping with us. There are no commitments, upfront fees, or contracts.


Set up a recurring order for your convenience, once a week, every other week or order a bin once a month. If your schedule is complicated, that’s ok: you can also order for any specific week that doesn’t follow any schedule but your own. We are dedicated to helping you eat local, fresh, healthy food without the weekly hassle of shopping, driving, finding great food sources and finding the time to go grocery shopping.  

After you have created an account, we will assign you to one of our delivery routes. We will e-mail you a welcome letter within 24 hours. This welcome letter will include your delivery day.

Select the bin size that fits your needs. We have Small, Medium and Large bin sizes. You can change your selection at any time. Our small bin contains 7-9 portions of fruits and vegetables ( a portion depends on the vegetable or fruit size, such as a portion could be 1 butternut squash or 3 oranges). Enjoy experimenting with your produce quantity and variety until you find the bin that suits your lifestyle!

Check out this week's Menu to see what our customers are receiving on their doorsteps!

Every week on Friday, we will send you a menu for the upcoming week that will showcase what is seasonally available. Once you receive the menu, you may place your order and customize your bin if you choose. If you are looking for anything in particular, please feel free to send us an e-mail. We will gladly work our hardest to find that item for you.
If you have a specific menu planned for the week, you can add items to your order a la carte to get exactly what you need.



Rest assured that a bin of fresh local produce will arrive on your doorstep around the same time each week. Enjoy the convenience of committing to a local food lifestyle regardless of your schedule! Thank you for choosing Mother Earth Produce and supporting local farms and food producers!

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