Thank you so much to all of our customers for helping us manifest our dream into reality. We are so grateful for you!






"And this food isn’t like any other food in town, it JUST FLAT OUT TASTES BETTER! I swear if I was blindfolded and took a taste test, I could tell you which dish was prepared with Mother Earth food!" ~ M.H.

"I must say, as a former--and very picky!--produce manager and garden-to-kitchen culinary instructor, I was VERY impressed with the vegetables you selected! Plus, I've not had as much time to get to tailgate as I used to, so I am BEYOND delighted at this fantastic service you are providing. ~ D.C.

"I was impressed with the freshness of the produce – and I can see there is a standard of excellence.  It looks hand-picked – like I do at the grocery when I sort through to find the best items!" ~ M.G.

"For quality, value, variety, convenience, and just plain doggone deliciousness --MEP can't be beat!" ~ W.B.

"The BEST veggies I have had in a long time, and I always buy organic from the store. My dog decided to put her head in the tote to check it out and took a bite of the tatsoi!" ~ J.V.

"I took a picture of my happy kids exploring our first bin. I know your company will teach them so much about healthy living!" ~ T.W.


"I find myself "counting the days" by Monday until our Friday delivery. Hope your business is doing well and bringing you all the rewards you deserve for a brilliant idea and wonderful service!" ~ C.B.

"We are so enjoying our first delivery from Mother Earth--so much so that we have recommended you to several of our friends!" ~ B.M.

"You have done a fantastic job for the local food movement." ~ R.H.

"We appreciate all of your hard work!! We were super happy with our bin and are excited to see what the future brings!" ~ M.H.

"I am most impressed with your attention to customer satisfaction. That's the only way to make a business successful & it is appreciated. I think you're doing great." ~ C.M.

"I am going to spread the word about the quality services, produce and products that Mother Earth Produce offers." ~ M.S.

"I was so excited to get my bin and loved everything in it." ~ D.B.

"The veggies looked fresh and tasted great too. And what a treat to have it all delivered to my front door!" ~ R.B.

"I'm so excited! Rave reviews from my friends! With my schedule, I cant get to the markets. This is wonderful! ~ S.M.




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